Washable Paper Cooler Bag

About Tyvek Dupont Paper


*super light-weight but very durable(abrasion-resistant & tear-proof)

*can be printed,coated,combined with other material to have different kinds of texture appearance and handfeeling

*dimensionally stable, not shrink or stretch

*ECO friendly,reusable,recyclable,ideal for customers with eco- or vegan-conciousness

*easy care(washable and air dry),foldable so can be put in any place like desk, table, counter, cabinet, racks

*DIY gifts,paint or draw a picture created by you or kids

*trendy material to make all kinds of paper bags:backpack,shopping bag,cooler bag,storage bag,cosmetic bag,pouches,travel bag,fashion bag...

About Tyvek Dupont Paper

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